Silver seas4
little limpet studs
Salty silver 4

A summer's collection of beachcombed shells and seaglass tranformed into beautifully unique sterling silver jewellery. 

Each creation is handcrafted and captures the wild essense and raw detail of these natural sea shells. 

Waikiki ocean stacking ring
Teahupo'o ocean stacking ring
Honolua ocean stacking ring
Haleiwa ocean stacking ring
Set Wave - recycled sterling silver wave ring
Left of the Stream - recycled sterlng silver swell lines ring

For the lady sliders. 

A collection of eco-conscious surf jewellery handmade with recycled sterling silver.

Coming soon.

One of a kind bespoke ocean stacking rings, as unique as every wave. 

Handcrafted with recycled sterling silver and inspired by the world's surf breaks.