Jewellery care

Jewellery care

All Saltwater Souls jewellery is handmade using either recycled sterling silver or fine silver.

Designed for dips in the sea and adventuring, your jewellery will still needs some TCL to keep it sparkling. 

Silver naturally tarnishes when exposed to air, the enviroment and chemicals. But with care and affection, your Saltwater Souls jewellery will remain as beautiful as ever.

Here are a few tips for caring for your saltwater jewels.

Rinse your jewels in fresh water after dips in the ocean.

Remove your jewels when dipping in chlorinated swimming pools & spas.

Store your jewels in a jewellery box out of direct sunlight, high temperatures & humidity.

Remove your jewels before housework or using harsh chemicals.

Clean your jewels with warm soapy water & dry them completely.

Silver will naturally tarnish. To remove tarnish, clean well and use a silver polishing cloth.