Ring size guide

Ring size guide

The most accurate way to find your ring size is by using a ring sizer, but if you do not have one, you can use a piece of string. Wrap the string around the base your finger, marking the point where it overlaps.

Remember this will need to slide over your knuckle too. Also fingers change size in different temperatures!

Use the chart below to determine your ring size.

A - 37.8mm

J - 48.7mm

S - 60.2mm

B - 39.1mm

K - 50mm

T - 61.4mm

C - 40.4mm

L - 51.2mm

U - 62.7mm

D - 41.7mm

M - 52.5mm

V - 64mm

E - 42.9mm

N - 53.8mm

W - 65.3mm

F - 44.2mm

O - 55.1mm

X - 66.6mm

G - 45.5mm

P - 56.3mm

Y - 67.8mm

H - 46.8mm

Q - 57.6mm

Z - 68.5mm

I - 48mm

R - 58.9mm