We are those of the sea


With saltwater souls,

We are those of the sea,

We dance with the waves,

Our spirits are free.

With salt in our hair,

And sand between our toes,

We travel barefoot,

Wherever the wind goes.

We walk on water,

Away from the shore,

As we answer the ocean,

The call of it’s roar.

We follow the sun,

We flow with the tides,

We worship the moon,

Our hearts are our guides.

As we explore,

Our life’s mystery,

Wherever we go,

We return to the sea.

On the horizon,

Where the sea meets the sky,

That is our home,

Where our hearts lie.

We are the ocean,

We are the rainfall,

We are the stars,

We are it all.

We are ancient souls,

Forever young and free,

We are the wild ones,

We are those of the sea.