Our Mission

At Saltwater Souls we want to share our love for our mother ocean.

We have created a collection of eco conscious jewellery for all those who feel a connection to the sea.

Leaving only footprints in the sand, our jewels are created mindfully to have no impact on the natural world.

Each and every purchase of Saltwater Souls jewellery contributes to a conservation initiative for a cleaner blue planet.


At Saltwater Souls we give gratitude and support back to the sea. The ocean is our passion, our home, and we are dedicated to protecting it. Our ethical and environmentally conscious jewellery is created using recycled sterling silver.

All of our seaglass is hand collected from the beautiful North Devon coastline, along with any plastic with can find.

We donate 5% of our profits to ocean charities dedicated to reducing plastic flow into our sea.

We strive to reduce plastic where we can & our packaging is completely plastic free and recyclable, even down to the ribbon we use made from recycled plastic bottles!

We actively beach clean when sea glass collecting. For almost every piece of sea glass collected, a piece of beach plastic is also picked up and recycled.

We have a very new and exciting project coming up in hope to turn some of this beach plastic into recycled ocean inspired jewellery.

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